August 12, 2020
Wii Games To Download

Top 7 Popular Wii Games To Download For You

wii games to download

Japan’s Nintendo Company released the game console Nintendo Wii in 2006. However, Nintendo Wii has a different concept with video consoles like PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Therefore, Nintendo has to look for a revolution in the landscape. Outside there, many places for Wii games to download.

The Wii offered a new kind of paradigm for a great experience. For example, Wii turns the popular games like Dance Dance Revolution into a game controller. To sum up, Wii is the first product of Nintendo that has gained much praise. From so many games, we try to write down some of the best Wii games to download. Let see it.

1. Wii Sports

Wii Sports are the most popular game on Wii. This game contains many kinds of sports. For example, there are golf, bowling, baseball, and boxing. You don’t need to think so hard while playing it. Because this game is so easy to play but also very fun. Above all, this game is the fourth-best-selling video game in forever.

2. Wii Sports Resorts

While the Wii Sports are jus offered five sports games, the Wii Sports Resorts offered more. Therefore, this game offered 12 games with different vacation-theme. For example, the kind of games that available is archery, sword fighting, and basketball. This is Nintendo’s successful job in expanding the old one.

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

We place Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the third recommendation for the best Wii games to download. However, this is a fighting game. You can play a single-mode in Subspace Emissary Adventure mode or play it with your friends via WiFi. This game has expanded in many features. As a result, it will be a good game to play.

4. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The Nintendo has makeover Kirby’s Epic Yarn into a new one. Therefore, it makes the game more gorgeous to play. it is still the iconic game on Wii. In this game, you will fight the clever boss and start to uncover many secrets. Kirby can transform into different vehicles when you are at certain levels.

5. Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles are the same good as the previous before. This is a survival RPG you should play. It will be a little bit harder than the game before. To clarify, you should defend the kingdom from the evil Mechon army. Above all, the sound with the immersive story makes this game more amazing.

6. MadWorld

Developer makes brutal murder in MadWorld look like happens in a good way. Likewise, you should kill someone in a gory and creative way. Several countries has declined this game to enter because of its sadistic graphic contents. On the other hand, this is still a fun game to play.

7. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Don’t you know Donkey Kong before? This game has a futuristic graphics because the developer wants to keep the antique memories on it. You can do a single-player adventure or invite your friends to make it easier. Above all, this game is the best game you can avoid.

From that 7 best Wii Games to download, which one is your favorite? Trying some old games will be such a great experience.