August 12, 2020
Where To Visit In Thailand

Where To Visit In Thailand: The Perfect Places You Must Visit

Many of you have asked about where to visit in Thailand. It is because Thailand has so many interesting places to visit. If you want to visit Thailand, try to read the article above.

Chiang Mai

The article will tell you a lot of information about beautiful places you can visit in Thailand. You will not regret to go visit these places. Here are 5 popular places in Thailand you must visit:

1. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand has many tourist magnets that can attract tourists to come. You can find historical tours, modern tours, nature tours to nigh tours, such as nightclubs and theaters. Moreover, you can also easily visit an attractive traditional market.

Bangkok has an atmosphere of big cities, with skyscrapers and heavy traffic. Many historic and religious tourist spots here, such as castles and temples. In addition, you can also see Bangkok has many densely populated districts. That is what makes Bangkok so interesting for you to visit.

2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the cities that you can visit in Thailand. Moreover, Chiang Mai is located in northern Thailand. The city is smaller than Bangkok, cooler, and more pleasant. This city is a mountainous region so the air is cooler than Bangkok.

Only 30 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai, tourists can visit Mae Sa Elephant Camp. This place is a habitat for 75 elephants, from babies to 80 years old. If you like culinary tours, this city has a Night Bazaar that is open every night.

3. Phuket

During a tour in Phuket, there are many interesting activities that you can do. You can enjoy a very beautiful beach. There are also a variety of water sports that are certainly very challenging for you. In addition, you can also sail the beach enjoying the sunset by boat.

You can visit Phi-Phi Island and Racha Island, the famous island in Phuket. Moreover, you can rent a boat to visit the island. From sunset until sunrise, Phuket provides a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs. You can feel the glamorous nightlife in Phuket.

4. Ayutthaya

This city has a lot of Thai history and world heritage sites. Temple or Wat can be found easily in this city. One of the popular ones is Wat Chaiwattharam. The temple will tell you about the influence of Buddhism on the Thai community.

You can also see many Buddhist statues in this city, complete with its history. Moreover, you can visit an old area where many foreigners used to live in. If you like elephants, you can see elephant sanctuaries in this city.

5. Krabi

If you are still confused about where to visit in Thailand, you might consider going to Krabi. Krabi is in the south of Thailand so you can easily find many beautiful beaches here. All the beaches have white sand and turquoise seawater.

November to March is the most popular rime for tourists to visit Krabi. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also explore the sea coral. Moreover, exploring forests, caves, and waterfalls is also interesting for you to do here.

After you read the article above, you will be able to answer about where to visit in Thailand. Now you know there are a lot of interesting places to visit besides Bangkok. Prepare yourself if you want to go to one of these places.