Wedding: Elopement in the Sunken Gardens


What a delight this intimate elopement was to document.  Jackie and Mark could not have been more sweet and laid back.  Everyone was so relaxed and happy on this beautiful spring day in Santa Barbara.  The Sunken Gardens and Courthouse are such a perfect spot for an elopement. So many beautiful places to photograph, no matter how many times I shoot there I always end up with new shots and locations I haven’t used yet. I just love elopements so much, having the time with the couple, un-rushed, to capture their love without the stress of a timeline.  No matter how much you plan for extra time for couples portraits in a big wedding something always runs late and a half hour turns into two minutes and you just make it work.  I always do make it work, but when the couple can feel truly relaxed they can settle into the portraits and each others arms and the images are so much more romantic and authentic.  I feel so strongly about this I am actually going to start only offering elopements, or ceremony coverage and couples portraits, instead of full wedding coverage.  It is what I am passionate about and best at. Enjoy this lovely elopement bellow and have a beautiful day. 002-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 003-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse004-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 005-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 006-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse007-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse

Love the sweet detail on Jackie’s bouquet, a locket with her mothers picture so that she could be with her on her big day even though she has passed away. 008-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 009-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse010-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 011-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 012-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse013-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 014-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 015-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse016-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 017-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 018-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse 019-luciagillphotography-elopement-couthouse