Wedding: Chris + Allison at Saddle Peak Lodge


What can I say about a wedding of one of my oldest friends.  This wedding was such a unique and incredibly special, and somewhat surreal, experience for me.  I grew up playing with the groom, Chirs, and his younger brother, Matt.  The four of us, with my younger sister would make eleborate pillow forts and later the boys tought my sister and I to play video games, something we never quite mastered.  Their parents, Tom and Josephine have been close friends of my parents forever, and were even in their wedding party in 1985. So, needless to say, getting to photograph this wonderful and important day for Chris and his beautiful bride, Allison meant a great deal to me.  The wedding was surreal because my parents and husband were guests and when it came time for dinner I sat down with them as a guest myself and enjoyed the incredible cuisine of the Saddle Peak Lodge, allowing my second shooter to take charge during the speeches.  Which I have to say was a very needed break.  As it turns out shooting on your feet for six hours in 95 degrees at eight months pregnant is not an easy or especially enjoyable feat.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was such an honor to get to photograph this beautiful wedding, and Saddle Peak Lodge is such a fantastic venue. Thank you Chris and Alison for letting me be part of you special day.  You guys are such an incredible couple and I wish you all the best.

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