Wedding: Brynne + Ryan at the Canary Hotel

When all the elements come together just right you get a wedding like this, where I find myself giddy looking at the back of my camera, so excited with what I have just captured.  Brynne and Ryan are such an incredible couple, and I am so lucky to have been able to capture their engagement and wedding photos.  They were an unusual booking for me because they did everything a little backwards. Brynne and Ryan have been together for four years, they new they wanted to get married and spend their lives together, so they started planning their wedding before actually getting engaged.  So when an opening came up at their dream wedding destination, the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara, they jumped on it, even though it was only two months away!  This is when I got Brynne’s call and immediately booked her.  I don’t often book weddings with that little notice, or book two weddings in a weekend, but I had that Sunday available and could see right away what a wonderful couple they were.  The day before the engagement session I talked to Ryan for the first time and he told me of his hopes to propose to Brynne during their engagement session.  I absolutely adored the idea and we came up with a plan.  You can see their engagement session here.

The Canary Hotel was such a perfect backdrop for their color filled wedding, but there isn’t anywhere really stellar for portraits so I was so excited that Brynne and Ryan wanted to do a first look and portraits before the ceremony.  We did their “first look” at Chase Palm Park and it was just so perfect.  Every part of this wedding was just so delightful to capture.  So many beautiful and thought out details, like Brynne’s drop dead gorgeous dress,  so many emotional moments, like Brynne’s first look with her dad. What a day, I am so grateful to have been chosen to capture it.

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Venue: Canary Hotel

Event Planning: Gatherings for Good

Florist: Ella&Louie

Cake: Susie Cakes

Robes: Love Ophelia

Bride’s Dress: Olvi’s