July 6, 2020

Try This Awesome Best Places to Take Golden Hour Photos!

When you wake up in the morning, the sun starts to shine and appears warm light. It makes all the things around you more beautiful. On the other hand, that light also happens when the afternoon comes. People usually called it a golden hour with orange lights up your world. Many people worried about the best places to take golden hour photos.

Best Places to Take Golden Hour Photos

Golden hour is a special moment whenever you traveling around the world. It is the time when the sun is close enough with the horizon of the earth. Above all, the warm glow and perfect light condition are the best you can take on your photos. You can enjoy that while in the park, the middle of the city, or over the ocean while the sun goes down. Make sure you have decided to choose one of the best places to take golden hour photos because it passed so fast.


However, choosing which kind of object you wanna take is another important thing.  You should make sure you want to take a human interest, panoramas, street photography, landscape, or others. I tried to write down some places for you based on the things you want to take.

1. Beautiful City

A beautiful city nears your home can be the best thing you can take in a golden hour. They can be more beautiful as long as you can choose the angle. In this world, there are many cities can serve you a lot of beautiful landscape for you. Seeing the warm light glows up a tall building can give you a different thing to take. You can visit many places like Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Turkey or New York City in the United States.

2. A Beach

In this world, a beach will be the best choice to see the sun goes down or already raised. You can take photos in the silhouette or back to back with the sun so you will get warm photos. Above all, the yellow-orange light touching the blue sky and sea can be a beautiful object to take. However, the best beach you can visit is the beach which facing the west or east like Tanah Lot in Bali, Mallory Square in Florida or many more.

3. Hills or Mountains

Higher places will serve you wider scenery with a bigger chance to see more beautiful things around. The mountains or hills will be the best place you can choose. You should prepare your stuff and calculate the right time so you wouldn’t miss the golden hour. The journey to get that places will be a little bit challenging but it can be another story. Best hills or mountains you can visit like Garcia Hernandez Bohol in the Philippines, Mountain Bromo in Indonesia or many others.

4. Historical Sites

Trying to get a different photo with another weird object? The historical sites will be the best choice for you because they will serve you the old creatures with their unique. In the fact, historical sites are almost available in all countries around the world. It is because the country will always have their stories before they can be like nowadays. You can visit Yogyakarta in Indonesia which has a lot of historical sites until now. Another option is like Taj Mahal, Shwedagon Pagoda, and Andalusia on Spain.

So there are some best places to take golden hour photos. Have decided to visit one of them or still confused? Take your cameras and lets hunt awesome photos!