August 12, 2020
traditional costume went global

Countries With Traditional Costume Went Global

traditional costume went global

As the national identity and culture of a country, the existence of traditional costume is one of the crucial things. With traditional costume, a country can be easily famous and has its pride. The following are countries with traditional costume went global.

1. Indonesia

Batik is the original culture of Indonesia which is a distinctive fashion of the global Indonesian state. Batik is not just cloth with a variety of patterns. However, batik also contains historical values ​​and the value of valuable national traditions.

Since 2009, UNESCO has determined batik to be an authentic Indonesian cultural heritage. International recognition makes Indonesian citizens more proud of batik culture. In addition, it still preserves the existence of batik throughout the archipelago. Until now, batik is a traditional costume went global.

2. Scotland

Scotland has a Kilt costume that is a valuable cultural hallmark. Kilts have a grid and line that developed in the Middle Ages. This clothing is men’s costume, however, now women can also use it.

Boxed cloth with another name tartan motifs is attached to the upper and form a skirt from the waist to the knees. The material used for this fabric is thick wool.

Kilts can collaborate with other accessories that can enhance your appearance. For example, soprran is a small waist bag that is at the front of the waist. Kilts can also be combined with suits or other tops that are appropriate.

3. China

Cheongsam or more famous as qipao is a global traditional costume from China. This costume has a distinctive design is a silhouette that follows the shape of a woman’s body. In addition, complete with collars and buttons are specially shaped and called Shanghai. Whereas men’s special costume is by the name changpao.

Cheongsam has been known since 1920. However, not many people know that this costume has existed since 1636. In 1920 this costume began to be famous until 1949 due to the influence of western culture. Until now, cheongsam is a traditional costume went global.

4. Jerman

Tracht is a traditional costume originating from southern Germany. This costume consists of two types, namely lederhosen for men’s costume. As for women’s costume, they are by the name dirndls. This costume is one of traditional costume that also went global.

The distinctive of the tracht is a lace-up accent on the front to form the body to look smaller and slimmer. The addition of other accessories can also make these traditional costumes look more attractive. For example, the addition of pom-pom caps and long socks.

5. India

Sari is a traditional costume went global originating from India. This costume is made of a single cloth that reaches 9 meters in length.

Saris is a woman’s special costume. While typical costume for men from India is Dhoti. Dhoti is a costume from a piece of cloth that is subordinate and how to use it tied around the waist.

Sari costume is a versatile and fashionable costume in the world. Sari comes with a variety of variations, such as woven which is a manual making process. A fashion show that adorns the stage.

That is the list of countries with traditional costume went global. If you visit one of these countries, trying to wear traditional costume is one of the moments can’t miss.