July 6, 2020

The Best Stock Photo Websites To Sell Photos Online

Many things can be done to make money from the internet. One way is to sell photo collection online or stock photo. With stock photos, a person can be a contributor to sell his photo works to make money. Before someone sells photos online, it is very important to know the best stock photo websites.

1. Fotolia.com

The first of the best websites to sell photos is Fotolia.com. To become one of the contributors on this website is quite easy. The first thing to do is create an account and submit photos that will be reviewed by Fotolia.com. However, before uploading photos, contibutor who have just created an account will be trained online.

After completing training, new contributors can send their photos which will take 2-3 days until their work is received. For that before uploading photos must pay attention to procedures and requirements so that photos uploaded can be accepted. This site offers a profit of 20-60 percent of the sale price.

2. Shutterstock

The second from the best stock photo websites is Shutterstock. This site has become one of the favorite sites of the Microstocker because it has an extensive network and a high level of sales. Not only photos, but also footage, illustrations, vector, music, and logos available on this site.

Not surprisingly, Shutterstock has paid more than $ 500 to its contributors. There will be a test that must be done by contributors who want to join Shutterstock. From the 10 photos sent, there are at least 7 photos that passed. In addition, there are already provisions on the size of photos, videos, vectors, music, and logos to be uploaded.

3. Dreamstime.com

Same as the previous site, Dreamstime.com is one of the best stock photo websites. This site is a stock photo provider for advertising companies, website design, and even for other purposed. The benefit for its contributors is the number of photo downloads which range from $ 0.25 for one download.

Different from other sites, Dreamstime.com is available in the application form. This will make it easier for anyone to access it only from a smartphone. Other than that the copyright of the photo will remain the property of the contributors who upload the photo. Because some other sites buy photo as well as copyrights too.

4. iStockPhoto.com

The fourth is iStockPhoto.com which is one of the best stock photo websites. iStock was originally a free site but over time it turned into a site with a micropayment model. No different from other stock photo sites, there are tests that must be done to become a contributor on this website.

Not only photos provided by this site but also video, music, and illustrations. Contributors will receive a profit of 15% from each photo sale. Even the exclusive contributor will receive a profit of 45%.

5. Bigstockphoto.com

The fifth-best stock photo website is Bigstockphoto.com. This site focused on selling photos and illustrated images. The photo or illustration will be displayed to many people. If there are people who are interested in the photo and illustrations that the contributors have sent, then that person will buy it through Bigstockphoto.

Contributors will get a royalty of 30% of the photo sold. To join as Bigstockphoto contributor is very easy. Simply by creating an account, the contributors will give a test to prove the result of the photo is eligible for sale or not.

The five sites above are the best stock photo websites that have their owns advantages and disadvantages. Anyone can start to become a contributor and sell their work.