July 6, 2020

Simple Ways on How to Name your Cat

Picking a name for a car is the same hard as picking a name for a dog. Users must choose the right name because it would be the identity of the cat. People usually give a name to the cat with elegant and cute names. Whereas there are other great names that owners could choose for their cat. There are several tips on how to name your cat that owners could follow.




The best time for a user to give a name for a cat is when they are still kittens. It would ease them to get used to the voice and understand their name. To find the best names, owners could use any kind of inspiration for picking up the name for the cat. Here are some simple and useful tips on how to name your cat.

1. Choose an easy pronounce

When choosing a name for a pet, especially cats, choose a name that has an easy pronounce. Users would often use the name for calling the cat and other activities. Make sure the name is easy to say so that the cat would also be able to understand and hear it.

2. Use a simple syllables

Besides using an easy pronounce, another tip on how to name your cat is using a simple syllable. It would be easier to call a cat’s name that short, using one or at least two syllables. A short syllable would also ease the pronounce of the name. However, if the cat has already got a name and has more than two syllables, it is okay. Try to call them by using a short version of their name. It could the first two syllables from their long name

3. Approach the Cat’s Personality

Every cat has a special personality. Some cats are very playful active, while other cats are lazy and often quiet. Try to name the cat by approaching the cat’s personality. Moreover, it could be from other sides as well. For example, an owner could name their cat “Daisy” because the cat loves to smell the daisy flower.

4. Choose by the cat’s appearance

Another way on how to name your cat is by using the cat’s appearance. Rather than using the actual physical appearance, try on using the opposite of it. For example, owners could name their white cats with “Midnight” or “Shadow”. Not only it would be different, but also it could be entertaining.

5. Using Cat’s Breed Inspirations

The breed from a cat could also be a great inspiration for owners during the search of a cat’s name. It could be from the history of the breed, or other stories behind the breed. For example, a Persian cat was first found in 1620 by several people. One of them was Pietro Della Valle.  Owners could choose the name “Della” as the name for their cat.


These simple tips would ease owners to find the right name for their cat. Do not get confused on how to name your cat. Choosing the right name for the cat may take some time. However, the result, in the end, would be pleasant for the cat and the owner.