Senior Wanderlust


Welcome to the new senior portrait experience.

Celebrate your changing world, and your present moment.  Express yourself; all that you are, all that you will become.

Each session is fun and relaxed, and combines the latest styles and techniques with a keen attention to lighting and posing details. Every image is unique and speaks to those who appreciate quality, style and a one-of-a-kind portrait experience created just for you. So forget what your school tells you about senior portraits – senior year is about doing your own thing. We’re really excited about this year’s independent vibe, because the Lucia Gill Photography portrait experience has always been about freedom. Freedom to express your individuality. Freedom to express your style and personality. Freedom to tell your story with images that reflect you. We know you’ll be excited about your senior portraits when you see all the different ways you can express who you are. All of our session styles are a fun, personalized experience; where we’ll create amazing images of you. And no matter which one you choose…you’re free to be you. We know you are a true original. Whether you want amazing images, a fun session or just someone who appreciates who you are, we’ve got you covered. Lucia Gill Photography offers unique sessions and images for those looking to express their individual style. Our studio has always celebrated those who like to think for themselves and not follow the crowd.

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