Senior: Brandi at Knapps Castle

Oh what a joy it was to photograph Brandi’s senior portraits! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this beautiful young lady many times over the year because she is one of my fantastic LGP Senior Models but her senior portraits were definitely my favorite. Brandi is a remarkable human being. She is poised, mature, positive, deeply caring, and an all around beautiful girl inside and out.  She is constantly giving back to her community and helping kids in particular, and she is a seriously talented singer and songwriter who has a fabulous career ahead of her.  It has been such an honor to get to know this Santa Barbara High School senior and I truly wish her all the best in the path ahead.  For Brandi’s senior session we started in studio and then drove out to Knapps Castle for some luminous outdoor images.  Is was unfortunately completely packed so so couldn’t get the quintessential Knapps Castle shots but I so love what we did get.  We finished off the shoot by making a gown of brandi and throwing some flowy fabric round, so fun!

001-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 002-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 003-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography004-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 005-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 006-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography007-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 008-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 009-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography010-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 011-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 012-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography013-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 014-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 015-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography016-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography 017-senior-portrait-santa-barbara-knapps-luciagillphotography