Products: The Folio Box

It means a lot to me to give my clients the best experience possible and deliver their beautiful portraits in the form of the best products possible.  I am so excited to be able to offer this beautiful folio box to my wonderful portrait clients to house their mounted and matted portraits.  The folio box comes with 6, 10, or 20 mounted and matted 7×10 images in 11×14 matts.  The box is a crisp and clean natural color linen with a slight sheen and adds a refined but rustic elegance to your finished product.  You can frame some of your images and store the rest in this box, or leave them all in here as a sort of album. The box includes a satin ribbon to help lift the prints out of the box safely and easily. It is by far my most popular item and a favorite way to display your portraits.   All images chosen to be included in your folio box will also be given to you in high resolution digital form.  Please inquire for prices.

folio-box-print-product001 folio-box-print-products001 folio-box-print-product003 folio-box-print-product004 folio-box-print-product005 folio-box-print-product006 folio-box-print-product007 folio-box-print-product008