August 12, 2020
Photography composition rules

Photography Composition Rules Photographers Must Know

Photography has always been a hobby that many people enjoy in their spare time. Many people also have made photography as their main job to make money. Well, with the development of cameras and technology, anybody can now do this activity. These days, many kinds of cameras are offered in variance prices, which makes anyone available to buy them. And this is one of the reasons why many photography competitions are held. If you are planning to join or make one, then you need to know the photography composition rules.

Photography composition rules

One of the ways in determining the winner of a photography competition is by the composition rules. Therefore, participants must understand well the tricks and tips in this rule. Photography composition rules also provide tips on how to make good photography, so people can get the best results. Here are some of the composition rules that you must pay attention to when taking a photo:

1. The Rules of Thirds

This may be one of the most important and famous composition rules that people should know. Usually, when a person takes a picture, they will put the object in the center. This kind of position is boring and very predictable for the judges. Therefore, use the rule of thirds for your technique in taking a photograph. The concept of this rule is dividing the whole picture into nine equal boxes with horizontal and vertical lines. You will see four points where the horizontal and vertical lines will meet. Now, when taking a photo, make sure that the object is in one of those spots. 

2. Leading Lines

The second important photography composition rules people must know is the leading lines. This is a bit different from the rule before because the object can be in the center. The concept of the rule is to create natural lines that will help viewers’ eyes to move to the object. Therefore, the spot where the photographer takes the photo is important because it will determine the line. 

3. Reduce Clutter

When you take a photograph, make sure to reduce any kind of clutter that will take people’s attention away. Usually, in a photograph, other things distract people’s attention from the main object. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to capture an object from a plain background. Just make sure to make the photo focus on the object you are taking. 

4. Fill the Frame

Leaving too much space in a frame can make the object not proportional and make it smaller. Therefore, it is best to fill the frame with the object, but not to full. Make sure it is proportional and let the object be the focus of the photo. 

5. Contrast Colors

Another way to make your object stand out is by using contrast colors for the background of the object. However, make sure that the colors can combine into one even though the colors are contrasting. Try a few colors to get the best result. 

There are still many other photography composition rules that you must know if you are into this activity. But the ones above are the most used and basic rules a photographer should know. To get a better result, keep on practicing these rules in your photo. Slowly but sure, your photo will improve and become better.