July 6, 2020

5 Nations That Currently At War And You Should Know About Them

The world is not always safe. Moreover, the one that makes this world chaotic is war. War in some countries you cannot avoid. In fact, there are nations that currently at war. The war began a long time ago and is still happening today.

nations that currently at war

Unfortunately, this war claimed many victims and destroyed the city. Therefore, many countries are concerned with the war. If you want to know more about this, let’s check it out about nations that currently at war:

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan experiences a very long military conflict. Even since 1978, this country has had to fight against militant groups (one of them is the Taliban). After this problem was solved, this county got an attack by a number of maneuvers from countries such as Russia

Finally, NATO took control of neighboring Pakistan and India in 2001. After that, there was an Al Qaeda attack in the United States. So, over the past 13 years, the war has taken thousands of innocent lives.

2. Iraq

Iraq has a long history of war. In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the Iraqi government. At that time, the president of Iraq was Saddam Hussein. As a result of the war, the Iraqi government died.

In 2014 the Civil War happened in Iraq. That war was when ISIS conquered the main regions of Northern Iraq. Not only in Iraq, but ISIS has also carried out terror in various parts of the world by carrying out acts of violence. Therefore, other countries unite to fight ISIS.

3. Syria

The Syrian war has been a global concern today. This war began in 2011 when there was a wave of Arab Spring protests in Syria. The demonstration demanded the eradication of the government at that time.

Finally, government forces gave a counterattack as a result of these demonstrators. Many parties have certainly opposed this response. Then, the civil protest turned into an armed uprising and became the Syrian Civil War. This war has claimed tens of millions of lives.

4. Ukraine

War in this country may not be too heard. However, there is still a war in this country until today. This war began when the country was divided. It is as a result of the East Russian government and the European Union in the west.

Because of this war, this country bans Russian flights from flying to this country. Furthermore, the country also stopped buying gas from Russia. In 2017 until now, the war in this country is still ongoing. But the war in this country only exists in the east.

5. Yemen

This country is one of the nations that currently at war. You may not know that this country is still at war. The war in this country began in 2015 and the war is about a civil war.

Both parties claim that they are the legal government in the country. This war involves two parties, each of which is very loyal to its leader. This war is getting worse since ISIS joined in carrying out attacks in this country.

War is a terrible thing. However, up to now many nations that currently at war. The war began from civil war to a war between nations. You can start praying for them so that the world is always safe and peaceful.