Portrait: Dayli’s Maternity – Take 2

The inner peace and presence that emanates from within an expecting mother is something so beautiful to behold, and exciting to capture.  It is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life.  Photographing maternity portraits is fast becoming a passion of mine – it speaks to me both as a mother and as an artist.

Beautiful Dayli is the mother to three wonderful little ones, with a fourth on the way.  She is a business owner, a home schooler and a loving wife and mother.

Like most women Dayli doesn’t realize how incredibly beautiful she is, so my goal, as with all women I photograph, was to show her the beauty I see in her and make her see it herself.

She had done maternity portraits in the past but they were always more about the family and welcoming a new member into it.  This time we wanted it to be about her. To celebrate her fourth and last pregnancy with portraits that capture her inner strength and beauty and the magnificent power of the female body to bring life into the world.

We actually did two sessions together because of some technical difficulties in the first shoot, and I could not be happier that I got her in front of my lens again.  For this shoot we wanted to try something a bit more styled and artsy, so I made her an olive leaf crown and wrapped her in various fabrics and we just played and created until the sun went down.

maternity-portrait-dayli-styled001 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled002 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled003 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled004maternity-portrait-dayli-styled005 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled006 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled007 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled008maternity-portrait-dayli-styled009 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled010 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled011maternity-portrait-dayli-styled012 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled013 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled014 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled015maternity-portrait-dayli-styled016 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled017 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled018 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled019maternity-portrait-dayli-styled020 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled021maternity-portrait-dayli-styled023 maternity-portrait-dayli-styled024