Maternity: Dayli

There is something so magical and beautiful (and hard, uncomfortable, emotional and draining) about being pregnant.  I remember it well and hope to do it again someday soon.  But, creating a life sure looks gorgeous or this lovely mama.  The beautiful Dayli is due in November with baby number four, and man does she make pregnancy and motherhood look good.  She is one of the most incredibly loving, generous and beautiful (inside and out) woman and mothers that I have ever met.  It was such a pleasure to shoot her maternity portraits and celebrate her last pregnancy with her.

We actually ended up doing two sessions because my lens had some annoying focus issues on the session bellow, and I’ve been waiting to post these to do one blog post with the session we did yesterday.  But, when I realized how many images I loved from both sessions I knew they would just have to be two separate posts.  So, here is Dayli’s maternity session from a few weeks ago and keep a look out for yesterday’s shoot soon.

matenity-portrait001 matenity-portrait002 matenity-portrait003 matenity-portrait004 matenity-portrait005matenity-portrait006 matenity-portrait007 matenity-portrait008 matenity-portrait009 matenity-portrait010 matenity-portrait011matenity-portrait012 matenity-portrait013 matenity-portrait014 matenity-portrait015 matenity-portrait016matenity-portrait017 matenity-portrait018 matenity-portrait019 matenity-portrait020