August 12, 2020
is it safe to travel to north korea

Is It Safe To Travel To North Korea? Let’s See The Reasons

We may be familiar with South Korea. Then, how about North Korea? If we are usually meet people traveling around South Korea to enjoy their holiday, how about North Korea? Is it safe to travel to North Korea? Many people are still curious and worry about this information. Moreover, people are usually curious about how is North Korea looks like and so far. It occurs because North Korea seldom exists in the world. There is seldom news or anything about North Korea.

What Happen with North Korea Actually

We will be familiar to South Korea but not for North Korea. Many people may wonder what is happening actually with both countries. South and North Korea actually is a neighbor country. Longtime ago, they were one until the Korea war ended in 1953. However, both of those countries have two different sides. there are many differences between North and South Korea, including travel permission.

Traveling to North Korea

So, is it safe to travel to North Korea? Traveling to North Korea actually is a possible thing to do. However, is not as beautiful as traveling to another country. In fact, North Korea has many rules and espionage. We will never understand how can it will be like that. Besides, if you decide to visit North Korea for traveling, your holiday will be spent by many people pointed at you.

Indeed, anyone who comes into North Korea will be considered as espionage in whatever the nationality. It can be said that your travel will be authorized to travel and can enjoy your nice holiday a lot here. Therefore, we can say that North Korea is a totally unique and anti-mainstream country.

What You Need To Know Before Travel To North Korea

North Korea is a unique communist country. It has many secrets and something that we never expect before. The government of North Korea monitors all of the activities around this country the foreigners. The government will monitor all of the activities of the foreigners including conversation. Moreover, almost all places in North Korea under the monitor of the government such as room hotel, telephones, fax, and other public places. It is very frightening to know that all of the activities are under the monitor.

You must not leave your room in the hotel alone without any guide. It will make you get trouble and your guide will die because of the government. Not only you who are trapped in this country but also all of the citizens. They are forbidden to leave the country in personal traveling. Just a tour guide who can leave the country for traveling reasons. However, the government forbids the citizen to travel in person, they must minimally a group.

You cannot say that those rules are just for a nation. They do not care about the nationality of foreigners. All foreigners are under the monitor and they cannot travel independently. Therefore, we are sure that you have already got the answer to the question is it safe to travel to North Korea. You must rethink and rethink about spending your holiday here.