August 11, 2020
how to train your dog to not bite

How To Train Your Dog To Not Bite Anyone

Does your dog like to bite? If so, you must immediately stop the habit without making him sad. It is important to train your dog to learn to control his mouth. There are some tricks on how to train your dog to not bite.

how to train your dog to not bite

1. React Consistently to Bites

The first step on how to train your dog to not bite become consistent. Every time your dog bites, say “NO!” in a firm tone. Then, stay away from and ignore him. Social neglect can be an effective form of punishment for animals accustomed to being in a herd. You can also bark if your dog bites too hard.

This might seem silly, but this is the way a dog does in a herd if its sibling bites too hard. Yelp will tell the puppy about the behavior that is allowed and not.

Teach young children not to scream, run, or wave their hands. All of these things will activate the predator’s instinct in the dog, thus exacerbating the problems that might occur. Your children must stay calm and keep their hands close to the body.

2. Use a Troublemaker

Before you start playing with him, spray the vandals on various areas of your body and your clothes that he usually bites. When he starts doing it, stop moving and wait for him to react to the troublemaker.

After he stops biting, praise himself and continue playing. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to rinse the remaining substances from your hands.

Some examples of troublemakers are: “Bitter Apple,” “Vick’s Vapor Rub,” eucalyptus oil, or white vinegar. Use all of these substances in your hands so that they taste bad when bitten.

3. Distract The Dog by Using a Chewing Toy

When he calms down, talk to him and stroke himself. Keep your hands away from his mouth. Start playing again and don’t let you get him excited. This time, use toys instead of your hands to keep your dog watching you.

Start playing catch, so you can throw toys and use the dog’s instinct to prey in a positive atmosphere. The use of toys can be used as a training gift or pause so that your hands are not always bitten by dogs.

Some dog trainers suggest interesting pull games to do with your dog. He will learn that playing is fun, but he must always be controlled by you, the human who plays with him. If he doesn’t want to obey your rules, the game will stop, you will be safe.

4. Use a Water Spray Bottle For Extreme Cases

If the dog bites very hard or continues to want to do it, spray him with a water bottle. Also, say the word “CAN NOT” firmly while spraying water on his face. This will stop the behavior.

Be careful and make sure the bottle is in a small spray setting, not a large one. You can only scare him, not hurt him. Make sure he will connect the spraying experience with yourself so that he is always on the lookout for yourself at a later time.

Never threaten a dog with a spray bottle or scare him. You also should not create situations that make it orderly only when you hold a spray bottle in your hand.

Those are how to train your dog to not bite, some tricks must you try. Make sure to do the trick lovingly. So that the dog feels not forced directly.