August 12, 2020
how to take photo milky way

The Best Tips How To Take Photo Milky Way

The Milky Way is a galaxy, where the gathering of planets, stars and other bodies of the sky.  Earth is one of the planets on the Milky Way Galaxy line.  The galaxy line is easily seen in certain months for those who live on the Equator.  For those who like photography, of course, you should not miss capturing the picture.  Here are the best tips on how to take photo milky way. Namely :

1. Use a special application to photograph Milky Way

Use a special application to photograph Milky Way in order to get an appropriate image, such as the layout, lighting, and when it appears, because it cannot be seen in plain view. Many photographers use the photo application to take milky way photos or other celestial bodies.  This is one of the best tips on how to take photo milky way.

2. You should take pictures in a place that is decorated with light.

In order to make the catches more interesting images, then it should look for locations that support these good effects.  You can do this in your drawing by finding locations that won’t make the Milky Way look blurry. You must choose a location that is high enough so that the photos have a good resolution.  Taking photos on the building can be a reference because the building is a suitable place to see milky way more clearly or not blocked by other objects.

3. Use a camera with a high resolution.

How to take photo milky way is to prepare a camera with a high enough resolution, good noise, wide lens to get the right picture and good photos. You should do camera settings including manual mode settings, infinity settings, and auto white black settings, and do a test camera.

4. Using camera adds tools

To take milky way photos requires a camera aid so that the camera does not waver when taking pictures it requires a special tripod and is quite strong.  Photo Milky Way requires a shutter time of 25s.  The long time span requires the camera to remain sturdy so it requires a tripod or camera aids. The Milky Way will be seen clearly if you take photos when it is dark.  Therefore you need a flashlight to illuminate the brightness of your camera

5. Before starting to shoot, make sure the location of Milky Way is to get the right picture

The last tips on how to take photo milky way. You should determine the location and length of the Milky Way lines to display the right image when the milky Way time can be seen clearly.  You can use the Photopills application, which many photographers use to take photos of celestial bodies.

Those are some of the best tips, how to take photo milky way. You can use these tips one by one before capturing milky way pictures so that your shots are good because taking milky way photos is not the same as taking photos of other objects.  It requires special techniques in order to get the best photos.