July 6, 2020
how to care for dogs in heat

Keep Asking How To Care For Dogs In Heat? Try These Tips

Female dogs that have not been spayed, will get through a stage of its reproductive cycle called heat. The heat cycle itself will last about 2 to 4 weeks. As an owner, you have to know how to care for dogs in heat.

When in this stage, dogs will show you some signs that you and your other pets might find it surprising. Do not so panic because you can handle it easily. Let’s jump into details about how to care for dogs in heat:

1. Stay Indoors

By noticing some behavioural changes, you will know how to care your dogs in heat. Dogs may become aggressive, pushy, and may take several attempts to dominate other pets. When you need to leave them alone indoors, make sure they have plenty of toys and chews. It will help them to cope with their stress. When you come back, give them extra attention to make them feel comfortable.

2. Supervise when They Need to go Outdoor

Accepting behavioral changes from your dogs when in heat is one of the key points to keep your dogs inside. But, what if you’re tempted to take them outside? How to care for dogs in heat when going outdoors?

When in heat, your dogs will release pheromones and attract male dogs. Moreover, it will only half of their heat time, they may become receptive to mating. To keep them away from unwanted pregnancy, you need to protect them away from male dogs.

3. Stay Active

If your dogs become restless, you can add some exercise and take other activities to calm them down. You may take them outdoors. But, make sure you always leash them when taking them outdoors. You can also play with them, such as play Frisbee or a flirt pole. Playing will make them forget if they are in heat. If your dogs show fatigue, try to go to a quiet place to put your dog to sleep.

4. Control Their Period

The amount of blood coming from their vulva will vary from one dog to another. When in heat, dogs tend to clean themselves by licking their private area. How to care for your dogs in heat and their period is another question, especially when you keep them indoors.

Doggie pants or doggie diapers can be really helpful when your dogs are in heat. You can use menstrual diapers for dogs to keep your dogs blood contained. When you taking your dogs outdoors, doggie diapers can also be used to protect your dogs from male dogs.

5. Consult to A Vet

Being in heat is not an illness. But, if you feel confused when your dogs in heat, you might want to have some chat with your veterinarian. The vet will give you some advice on what you should do when your dogs are in heat. If the vet finds that your dogs are in pain, he will give them medicine. The medicine will help them through this period.

If you don’t have a plan to breed them, consider spaying your dogs. Spaying your dogs means removing their ovaries and uterus. This way they can no longer have a heat cycle. You can also save you on the headache of worrying about how to care for dogs in heat.