August 11, 2020

Here’s 5 Things On What You Can Learn From Donald Trump Campaign

Donald Trump’s campaign attracted the attention of many people. This is because many people doubted him when he ran for president. However, he succeeded in winning and coming out as president. There are a lot of things on what you can learn from Donald Trump campaign.

This is because the campaign is very interesting to learn. There are many tricks that he did to drive him to win this campaign. Here are 5 things on what you can learn from Donald Trump campaign.

1.     Dare To Oppose Political People

One of the public’s doubts about Trump is he is lack of experience in politics. He has never been involved in politics at all or as a political outsider. Furthermore, he also doesn’t care about how the public will judge it.

Moreover, he is only known as a successful businessman in the whole world. He seems to realize that the public is tired of politicians. No wonder he succeeded in getting rid of Republican politicians.

2.     Have a Straightforward Speech

According to experts’ observations, Donald Trump’s language use is only equivalent to 4th-grade elementary school. However, it actually benefits him. People naturally prefer language that is simpler and easier to understand.

He doesn’t use as many complicated diction as the other intelligent politicians do. But, he always delivered his point repeatedly to the public. That is what makes the statement easy to remember by many people.

3.     Not Afraid To Speak Controversial Things

His speeches are straightforward when discussing something. He is not afraid to say that Islam is radical and needs to be eradicated. Furthermore, He also dared to ask Mexico to pay the cost of building a US-Mexico border wall. This is an exchange for their debt payments.

The conclusion, he is not afraid to say even controversial things. He always expressed what was in his mind, without any political filter at all. These kinds of things that make people think that the open person is perfect to be a great US president.

4.     Maximize The Press

Trump is famous for delivering extreme programs. For example, banning Muslims from entering the US or building a parapet with Mexico. The media always discusses and criticizes these things constantly.

However, this is what makes it more and more discussed. The things he did make the public also increasingly interested in him. He succeeded in gaining that publicity, even though most of it rated it as negative.

5.     Have a Brilliant Branding

He is famous for saying the names of other candidates with ridiculous designations. For example are crooked Hillary, lying Ted, crazy Bernie and others. Little things like that turned out to be effective in his campaign. He makes his supporters easily remember how bad his rival candidates are.

That is why the public does not hesitate to vote in every primary. No wonder he won easily in various regions. Thus, branding is important so that many people remember about you.

Those are 5 things about what you can learn from Donald Trump Campaign. His campaign was very successful and he won as president of the United States. However, you can learn these five things, but only from the good side.