Frequently Asked Questions

blog002Want to know more about me and how I work?   Here are some questions that clients often ask, and some questions that clients don’t ask, but should.

Q: Do you shoot film?

A: As much as I love film, I don’t use it for my professional work.  As a fine art photographer, I am most influenced by photographers that shoot exclusively in film such as Jose Villa. I am in awe of his and others work in film, but for me I prefer to shoot in digital.  I feel that every moment of your wedding is too important to risk missing it by shooting film. I love the flexibility that shooting digitally gives me, allowing me to choose later if something should be in black and white or in color, and allowing me to save an image in post processing that might have been otherwise ruined by a quick and unforeseen change in light. However, because of my love of film, in my style of shooting and editing I do strive to get as close to a film look as possible.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. I accept cash, checks and credit cards.  I can take credit cards in person or online using PayPal, which also gives you the option to pay later or pay in installments. However, since I am a small business I have to charge a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions.

Q: How do you describe your shooting style? Are you laid back or aggressive? Do you tell the whole story of the day?

A: I am a fairly laid back and easy going person so my shooting style reflects that, however, it is very important to me to get the best images possible for you, so in the right kind of situations I will direct the elements or the shot to create perfection.  I will never be pushy, or rude or make you or your guests feel uncomfortable.  I believe that your wedding should be one of the best, most fun days of your life and I’m going to do everything  I can to help it be fun and easy, not the opposite.   For things like the ceremony, we will discuss before hand whether you want me to more aggressively cover the action and move around to different areas or stay back, and out of sight so there are no distractions, or a mix of the two.  What is important is that you are happy and comfortable. In answer to the second part of the question,  my style is all about telling the whole story of your day.  I will not only capture the big moments (first kiss, first dance, portraits etc.), but I will also get all the little details that you put so much time and effort into and that say so much about you and your story.  Even the way the sky looks on your day is an element of the story and all the little pieces come together to tell your beautiful love story in an album.

Q: How will you make us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera?

A: This is very important.  You need to feel relaxed in front of the camera in order for you to show genuine emotions and connection.  But feeling relaxed in front of the camera, especially on your wedding day, is incredibly difficult for most people.  I may not be able to make everyone feel completely relaxed but I will always do my best. It is so important to me to capture authentic emotion filled moments even in the posed portraits.  One way I help you start feel more comfortable in front of the camera is by including engagement sessions in most of my packages.  An engagement session is a wonderful way for us to get to know each other  and how we will work together away from the stress and time constraints of the wedding day.  By the time the wedding day rolls around having your portraits taken will be no big deal and run easily and smoothly.  Other than that, try to help you relax by keeping the mood light and fun, taking little breaks if either of you is starting to get stressed out, and just being present to you and your needs.  It should also be noted that when I do need to pose or direct a shot I will strive to make it look and feel as natural and easy as possible.  The end result to should always be authentic and “you.”

Q:  Will you help me with my wedding day timeline?

A: Absolutely!  The last thing you want to do is be rushed on your wedding day, so I think it is important to plan your timeline with photography inmind.  I can give advice such as when the best time will be to take certain photos (i.e.. golden hour couples portraits), and other logistics.  It is also important to me to know when important events like your first dance and cake cutting are happening so I can be completely prepared.

Q: What happens if you get sick on my day?

A: There is almost nothing that could keep me from a wedding I have commmited to, but in the worst case scenario, my 2nd shooter would become the primary photographer or I would call upon another photographer to fill in.

Q: Why are you worth what you charge?

A: This isn’t really a frequently asked question, in fact no one has ever asked me this, but I think a lot of people would like to ask photographers this, so here it goes…I an a fine art photographer and a boutique studio, which means I take a limited number of weddings a year so I can give each couple the time and attention they deserve.  When I am shooting your wedding I’m trying to create art that authentically captures you as a couple and your event, not just snapshots.  I capture your story so I can make a beautiful album for you to display all the love and beauty that was your big day for generations to come.  I also try and build a relationship with my couples so they are relaxed in front of my camera and are more likely to show genuine emotions.  Furthermore, I edit the photos myself, giving them a more personal touch and a constancy in style. Big studios often outsource the editing and take on as many weddings as possible, giving you a lower quality of goods and services.  So, I charge a bit more than larger studons because of this personal relationship and attention to detail.