August 12, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Manta Ray Diving Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with many of its local cultures. Many people come to this island to relax their bodies and refresh their minds. However, others come to Hawaii to feel the sensation of Manta Ray diving Hawaii. For those who don’t know manta ray is a giant fish in the ocean of Hawaii that is elegant and beautiful.

Manta Ray diving Hawaii is an experience of a lifetime that no one would like to miss. It is fun, challenging but Therefore, before diving, there are many things you need to know first. These tips and guides will help you plan your trip:

1. About Manta Ray Diving

First, you should know that manta rays are not dangerous. They do not have any stingers or barbs that will hurt people. Therefore, manta ray diving is safe for everyone of all ages. For those who have their driving license, can dive into the see to manta ray their self. Because this is activity is usually done at night, you will need a guide to help. If you are lucky, you can feed the manta ray yourself. As for those who can’t dive, can snorkel around the boat. The boat will be supported with lights that will attract the manta ray to the boat. Therefore, you can still play around with them near the boat.

2.     Choosing the Right Tour

Going on a manta ray diving Hawaii can’t be done alone because there are some rules that only the guides know. Therefore, before going to ensure you have a tour that will help facilitate your manta ray diving. Don’t forget to ask what tools they support so you don’t need to bring them. However, most tour guides will provide snorkel equipment such as snorkel, mask, fins, and wetsuit. At the end of the tour, a good tour will also give snacks and warm drinks to comfort you. So, make sure your tour provides these things!

3.     What to Bring

Other than the stuff from the tour, you will need to bring your belongings too. Don’t forget to bring a towel and swimwear to warm you up after diving. If you can’t resist the cold, it is better to bring warm clothes. Because the ride back to the island will need some time and a bit cold in the evening.

4.     Places to See Manta Rays

Manta rays are available in 3 places in Hawaii, therefore you should know these three places. They are Manta village, Manta Heaven and a place near Kawaihae Harbor. These three are the main places to see manta rays throughout the season. The possibility of seeing a manta ray in these places is higher than 90%.  

5.     Price of Manta Ray Diving

The price for diving packets is different, depending on their packet. If you don’t have a diving license you will need to achieve it first. However, for those who already have on can choose how many days you would like to dive. Usually, the cheapest packet starts from $139 which has the least facilities.

Make sure to prepare these kinds of stuff before going on a Manta Ray diving Hawaii. At least be prepared by determining which tour to use. Also, make sure that the tour can guarantee seeing a manta ray. If not, ask for a refund or reschedule the agenda. Therefore, you don’t lose the moment on your holiday.