Engagement: Beth + Tyler’s Gorgeous Knap’s Castle Session


For Beth and Tyler’s engaement session we met at Kanp’s Castle in the Santa Ynez mountains.  Even though I grew up in Santa Barbara, I had never heard of Knap’s Castle until recently, and had been dying to shoot there.  I felt the glowy light and rustic feel of the place would nicely compliment their vineyard wedding photos.  Since Beth and Tyler are from out of town, this session is actually the first time I had met them in person.  As soon as they arrived they warned me that they were two of the most awkward people ever and that they were worried about me being able to get authentic and beautiful images of them.  Well, I love a challenge, and knew that even if it took a little bit I could get them to loosen up, drop their personal walls (at least a little) and relate to each other and the camera in an authentic way.  I could not be happier with how this session turned out.  Seeing this wonderful couple transform from awkward and uncomfortable to relaxed and intimate was so special. This is one of my favorite e-sessions to date,  the light was absolutely spectacular, and it was such a pleasure to get to know this sweet and loving couple.  I can not wait for their wedding in October!

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