Engagement: Art + Rebecca

I first met Rebecca at her wedding dress fitting at Panache Bridal.  She was surrounded by her family and friends and her wonderful fiancé Art.  Although the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, Art had to be there to help Rebecca in and out of her wheel chair to try on the dress.  Rebecca was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer two years ago and her fight was coming to an end.  Her dying wish was to marry the wonderful man who had lover her so dearly and stood by her through everything.  Wish Upon a Wedding, a charity that grants wedding wishes to the terminally ill, gave her that wish.  They asked me to donate my services as a photographer for their wedding and I gratefully accepted.  I suggested we also do an engagement session because I knew Rebecca didn’t have much time left and I wanted them to have beautiful pictures together no matter what.  With the gracious cooperation of the Natural History Museum we met at the beautiful wooded area behind the museum for our shoot.  It was hard for Rebecca to even smile, but the love between them was so beautiful and so evident.  The way Art looked at his future bride and love of his life made me cry, it was so genuine and heart felt. Enjoy their session below and keep them in your prayers.

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