July 6, 2020

East Europe Travel-The Destination, The Cost And The Right Time to Visit

Compared to West Europe, Europe on the east side is less popular. But if you spare your time and go to East Europe, you will find that East Europe is as amazing as the other Europe’s area. From the culture to the folklore, it has them all. And all of them are intriguing. That’s why it’s worth to do East Europe Travel.

The Destination

When you’re thinking of traveling in East Europe, the first thing to do is decide where the places to visit. As you have known, East Europe is very vast, so there are many places to visit. So, what are the places you should go to? Here is the answer.

1. Budapest, Hungary

There are many wonderful cities in Europe? Budapest in Hungary is definitely one of them. In the west of this city, you will see the Buda Hills. And when you look at the east side, the start of the Great Plain will come to sight. In the middle of them is the rumor romantic Danube River. No wonder people say that Budapest is a magnificent city.

The reason to visit Budapest is not only because of its natural scenery. There you can also enjoy thermal baths huff steam. And above all, you can see the architecture of the building that loses to no one.

2. Corvin Castle, Transylvania

If you doing east Europe Travel, do not forget to go to Southwest Transylvania. There is Corvin Castle there and you can visit it. Though it is surrounded by steel mills, Corvin Castle stills a fascinating fortress. When you walk your feet into the drawbridge, you will be stoned as you’re amazed by the pointed turrets or the stone courtyard.

If you have adventurer soul through your veins, then this place is a good place to venture. That’s because you don’t need to follow the tour guide, so you can wander aimlessly.

3. Prague, Czech

The capital of Czech is one of the cities that worth to visit. The most outstanding about this city is its history. There you will find the famous historic medieval Astronomical Clock.  Do not forget to climb to Prague Castle and feel everything from the spires to winding streets under your feet.

Prague is not only famous for its building and history. The food and beverages especially the beer are things that you should taste. Its local brewing beer is refreshing and cost so low.

The Cost to Visit

When doing east Europe travel, the cost often becomes something that weighs on your mind. If you wonder whether the cost is expensive, then do not fret. Actually, you don’t need that much money to travel to East Europe. That’s because almost everything there is cheap. For a day, you can spend about $ 30-50 USD. Compared to other countries, it’s pretty cheap, isn’t it?

The Right Time to Visit

Enjoying traveling is the most thing traveler dreams of. And so, to enjoy explore East Europe you have to determine the right time to visit. If you love to spend time in crowded you can visit in July or August. But if you want to spend time quietly and enjoy warm temperatures, you can go in May and June or September to mid-October.

East Europe travel is not only about traveling, but also learn about culture, history and of course the cuisine. Plan the trip carefully so you can enjoy everything there to the fullest.