August 12, 2020
Dominions of united kingdom

Get Knowing The Dominions Of United Kingdom Closer

For the first time, the “dominion” term refers to any country that has the right control and governs. But, by the time, it changed into a concept to the countries under controlled by the British Empire. Dominion is different from the colony. The dominion country got its independence and owned the land even the government is under the British Empire. While the colony also has independence and land without under the British rule directly. In this article, you will know the samples of dominions of United Kingdom, because the concept was popular from this country.

Dominions of united kingdom

All countries as dominions of United Kingdom have to settle their legislative authority based on Statue of Westminster 1931. Once they set their own-rules in governance, all ministry has access to the Sovereign. It is useful to arrange some business, such as any policy that matters to the monarch. Through these rules, the countries feel more like sub-ordinate. Thus, the “dominion” term changed into “members of the Commonwealth”. Here are the member countries:

1. Australia

Queensland was last Australia’s colony who got the self-governance rule after New South Wales, Tasmania, South Wales, and Victoria. Behind its achievements, Queensland had its own-rule due to continuing financial reliance on Britain. Thus, afterward, these five colonies agreed to unite and came under the British Crown. But, until 1986, Australia has become under the constitutional monarchy government, even though they still keep a good relationship with the UK.

2. Canada

In 1867, Canada took the name of “Dominion of Canada”. But, in 1939, the dominion status was ended due to their involvement in the war of Germany. Until the 1950s, the Canadian government was still trying to phase out the British Parliament. Finally, in 1982, all things related to the British Parliament was the end. Thus, Canada also changed the celebration of Dominion Day into Canada Day.

3. India

The British Empire has firstly announced India as one of the dominions in 1930. Even though at that time the Sovereign was in doubt due to two reasons. First, Indian politicians were hard to be trusted. Second, the bad condition between Muslims and Hindus was tense. However, India now is not dominions anymore. India transformed into a new republican constitution in 1950.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan’s journey to be a dominion was the same as India. Because Pakistan got the dominion status right after seceded from India (before 1947). Just not like India, Pakistan kept being the dominion 6 years afterward India got the new constitution. Until 1956, Pakistan changed the government became the Islamic Republic.

5. South Africa

Actually, South Africa and the UK have a strong relationship until now. It was not because South Africa became a dominion of the UK in 1910, but also, they have a similar system of law, finance, until the trading trend. However, the dominion status was on for 6 years. When South Africa declared itself a republic in 1961, South Africa was officially not under the British Empire anymore.

Talking about dominions of United Kingdom is interesting. Because here you can see how strong the influence of the British Empire. They didn’t only relate to the European countries, but also cross over to the Asia and Australia continent.