July 6, 2020
Top Countries with Highest GNP in the World

Top Countries with Highest GNP in the World

Gross national product/ GNP is the total economic value received in a country in a year. This includes the value of the products or service that is made by the country. Whether the value is inside or outside the country. The higher the population is, will help the value of GNP. However, some of the countries with highest GNP are not from crowded countries.  

Top Countries with Highest GNP in the World

Usually, countries with highest GNP are some of the richest countries in the world. However, this also depends on the value and service of the products made in the country. Well, to know more here are some of the countries:

1. United States

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world. The GNP for the Unites States has been increasing since the 2018-2019. In the second quarter of the year, the value became USD 19,324 billion. Whereas, in the first quarter the increment was only USD 19.173 billion. This a record, because it is the highest achievement since the first time in 1950. 1950 was the lowest achievement whereas now the GNP is the highest. Thus, it has grown, the GNP is expected to grow more up to 19,362 at the end of the year. On the analyst’s economic and macro models. If the business and market keep on booming, then it might be more possible for the United States to achieve 20,000 USD in the future.

2.   China

The second country that has the highest GNP is China. China is one of the countries that are very productive with high population. It provides almost anything there is. Therefore, no wonder it has one of the highest GNPs in the world. In Dec 2018 the GNP of China was USD13,544 billion. This an increase from the previous year, where the value was only 12,138 USD. One of the sectors that made a change in the GNP is aluminum exports and food/ nonalcoholic beverage change.

3.  Japan

Japan’s GNP is mostly from the service sector compared to the others. ¾ of the value is from banks, transportation, and telecommunication. Japan is a country able to produce top vehicles that are available in many countries in the world. The next sector that also contributes quite a number is agriculture. Even though the land in Japan is not wide, but the process of agriculture in Japan is quite effective in giving GNP. Therefore, the government protects this sector very much. Overall, the Japans GNP in June 2019 was 1,297 USD. Compared to March 2019, the value has decreased. But Japan’s government is still working quite hard to make it increase.

4.  England

One of the top countries with highest GNP in England. As one of the most expensive countries in the world, the GNP of England in 2018 was 2.818 USD, quite high. The economy in England is one of the four biggest in the world. One of the top industries in England is chemical products and textiles.

So, those are the top countries with highest GNP in the world. Most of the countries are developed countries with high technology too. But China has made it possible for a developing country to have one of the highest GNPs.