Cottage Hill Styled Shoot – 60 Years of Love

When Cottage Hill magazine approached me to do a styled shoot for them I was extremely excited and flattered.  We did this shoot months ago and now that they have published it I can finally blog it as well.  The shoot was for a personal story that centered around a sweet older couple, who are the grandparents of one of the editors of Cottage Hill.  It took place at their beach house in Oxnard.  The beach house has been in the family for generations, and this woman, like her mother before her, was married on New Years Eve, and her and her new husband honeymooned at her parents beach house. The year of their honeymoon was the only year it has ever snowed on that beach, so the old photos you see later in the post are from their honeymoon in the very spot we were shooting. As of New Years Eve, this couple has been married 67 year.  It was a lovely afternoon filled with stories and a quiet kind of love, in a house that has seen generations of love, patience, and family.

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