Who I Am & How I Work

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I am a wife, a mother, and a photographer. I have been working on and off as a photographer since 2007.  I studied film and media at UC Irvine, giving me a rounded and cinematic approach to photography and solidifying my passion for visual storytelling.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California, have lived all over the world, and now live and shoot in beautiful Santa Barbara again. I shoot all over the Santa Barbara area and up the coast, primarily outdoors using natural light.  I shoot in the fine art style, trying not just to capture the beauty of my clients and the special moments in their lives, but to create lasting, meaningful art.

I have loved photography for about as long as I can remember.  The way the light hits things and changes their shape and meaning has always made me want to capture that beauty and create art to the best of my ability.  I love how the world looks through my lens.  I love taking the big picture and capturing a small part of it may have otherwise been overlooked.  I love shooting all types of photography because I think there is beauty to be found in just about everything and everyone.  However, I am most passionate about photography that celebrates and empowers women. My focus is on women.  Women getting engaged and married. Women graduating from high school. Women expecting their first baby.  Women who just want to celebrate their true beauty with lasting art.  

Photography is my dream job, and I am thankful for every shoot and wedding I get to be a part of.  I am so grateful for all the incredible women and couples I get to meet, and whose lives I get to share for a special moment in time.

I would love to hear from you, hear your story, and create lasting memories together. Let’s get acquainted.