August 12, 2020
best place to visit in australia

Find These Best Places To Visit In Australia When Summer

The perfect time to visit Australia is exactly from December until February (summertime). People are packing up their bags and heading to the beach. Lay down on the sand, get tanned, and enjoy a glass of orange juice. Some others are looking for a quiet place where they can get relax. That is why you need to know the best places to visit in Australia to get the best experience ever.

Before you come to Australia, you need to prepare very well. The Australia government is very strict about some rules. Visa is a must when you are entering one country. After that, you must do the goods declaration very clear. The government takes quarantine laws seriously. So, any food, plant and animal product are ensured safe and nothing is dangerous. Then, you have to plan your trip because Australia is a big country. It has many exciting places to visit and things to do like:

1. Adelaide

If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, then Adelaide is the best choice. This place is surrounded by bars with great music performance. There are museums, parks, and art galleries. Adelaide is suitable for those who want to feel like a local citizen. Sometimes this city has fascinating festivals, events, and street shows. You won’t forget how nice being united with the people there.

2. Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula is an aquatic wonderland near Adelaide. So, if you feel enough in Adelaide, take a bus or drive a car to the Eyre Peninsula. Indeed, it takes quite a long time for about seven to ten hours. But it is worth to try because you will see the great green view along the trip. If you want to make it faster, there is also a flight from Adelaide to there approximately 1 hour a half. Once you get there, you will have experience swimming among the dolphins, sea lions, and white sharks.

3. Tasmania

This is an island in Australia. The government protects its looks and nature so probably you will feel isolated. However, Tasmania is still being one of the best places to visit in Australia. Explore the beauty of Australia scenery by taking a boat trip. You can see the dolphins, penguins, and feel the beach breeze. After that, take a walk to find the waterfalls spots through the forests. With the local product, your days are worth to spend by tasting all the culinary.

4. Brisbane

Many tourists make Brisbane as they must-visit places in Australia. It becomes a popular destination because of the third-largest city after Sydney and Melbourne. When you go to the north and south, you will find beautiful beaches. This place is suitable for those who love outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and even climbing. Or, maybe you just want to have sightseeing is also okay. Brisbane is a fun city with loads of restaurants and bars.

5. Sydney

What you are looking for in Australia is almost available in Sydney. This city is a perfect combination of modern lifestyle and strong culture. You don’t have to think twice to walk around the city. There are lots of museums, cinemas, theaters, parks, and other cultural scenes. Feel the historical journey by taking a cruise under the Sydney Harbor Bridges and the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Those five the best places to visit in Australia above are must be included in your “bucket list”. Summer falls in Australia is always be the perfect moment for some activities. It is the season of fun and festive times. Pack your light outfits and several cardigans to warm up your body while seeing the sun goes down.