July 6, 2020
best photo journal apps

Best Photo Journal Apps To Keep The Memories

Writing a journal has always been joyful activity. You can leave the memories of the day on the sheet of paper. However, in this day and age, you don’t need to write a journal anymore as there are many apps to help you. These apps not only provide you to write everything that happens but you can also insert a photo on it. That way you’ll able to keep the memories easier than before. So to preserve the memories of yours, you need the best photo journal apps.

1. Day One

Nowadays writing journals doesn’t stop in just write a bunch of words. Furthermore, if you write it in an app. You’ll need an app with a lot of features that make your journals more impactful. And the best photo journal apps for you is Day One. This app can be saying fulfill all you need from a digital journal. Not only you can write, but also insert a photo regarding the occasion that happens in the day.

In addition to inserting a photo, you can also insert a video to your journal. Day one is the best choice for you especially if you treasure your privacy as it has a password feature. That way you can protect your privacy from curious people.

2. Diarium

This app will help you to find joy in writing journals. That’s because there a lot of features in it asides of typing. First, you can insert multimedia in your journals such as audio, ink drawing even multiple photos. This will make your journals seem legit. You can also dictate with your voice if you find typing journals are too troublesome.

Furthermore, Diarium is the only app that can rate the entries of your journals. So, you can reread them in the order of the happiest day. It also has a feature that will remind you to write a journal at the exact time.

3. Journey

If you like to write journals so much, you can try to use Journey. Compare to the other apps, this app is quite flexible as it can be used in various devices. As for the features this app has, it’s no different from the other. You can attach various files such as audios, photos, and videos.

This app feature also includes exporting your journals to multiple formats, auto location, weather, and even password to protect the journal. Furthermore, it’s possible to import other files from another app and save it in Google Drive.

4. Momento

Though Momento is a journal app, it feels a little different from the other apps. The reason is that Momento has an affiliation with social media. If you’re active enough and have a bunch of posts, you can collect them into one place with Momento. However, you still make entries of the journal on your own like other journal apps.

It’s better to save your memories with photos than only write it in the journal. That way you can preserve the feeling on that day. And with the best photo journal apps, you can make both words and photos.