August 12, 2020
best food for skin health

Best Food For Skin Health For Beautiful Skin And Life

best food for skin health

Everyone especially women dream of beautiful and healthy skin. To achieve the dream, they will do anything like sees doctors to do skincare, drink many vitamins for skin and many more. Little they know, there is a better and simple way to get beautiful skin. It is food. Your skin can be beautiful and healthy if you eat the right food. Yet it is not really easy because there are many kinds of food out there. How do you choose it? There, the best food for skin health you must know.

1. Sweet Potato

One of the best food for skin health is sweet-potato. It is good for the skin because it contains beta carotene, magnesium, and antioxidants at a high level. These nutrients will help the body as an anti-inflammatory agent that makes your skin healthier. Not only the inside, but the skin of sweet-potato is also full of nutrients. One of the substances that good for skin health is fiber. If you eat food that contains much fiber you can get spot-free complexion.

2. Red Pepper

Red pepper contains high-level vitamin C. As you know vitamin C is very substantial to make collagen. Your skin will not get healthy if there is collagen-deficiency in the body. This is because collagen makes the structure in your skin. Not only that, vitamin C can be an antioxidant that will fight free radicals that is bad for the skin. Free radicals can damage collagen and elastin which give elasticity to the skin. If you consume some quantity of red pepper, you can protect the elasticity of the skin. And then get healthy and beautiful skin.

3. Citrus

From the old days, it is known that citrus fruits as orange, lemon, lime, etc are good for skin health. This because of Vitamin C contained in the fruit. There is a high level of vitamin C contained in citrus fruit. If you want your skin to be always healthy, consume citrus fruit constantly. One of the research said that consume citrus fruits can lessen wrinkles in the skin.

4. Carrots

Though not everyone likes it, carrot still one of the best food for skin health. It contains many vitamin A. Many of us know that vitamin A is good for the eye. But only little know that vitamin A also good for the skin. When cellular collaged is produced, vitamin A has a role in that as it helps damaged skin.

5. Salmon

Omega-3 Fatty Acid is the substance that good for the skin. It helps the skin to make natural barrier oil. With this barrier, skin can keep away from black spots and dryness. Thus, you can get food containing high level omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. Consuming salmon not only make your skin free from blemish, but you can also get smoother skin and look younger.

People said you are what you eat. If you eat healthy and good food then you will be always healthy. It goes the same for your skin. If you take care of your skin then the result will be shown, Taking care of skin is not always from the outside. The intake of your food can influence your skin condition. So, eat this best food for skin health to get healthy and beautiful skin.