July 6, 2020

6 Tricks How To Introduce A Kitten To Dogs

Do you want to keep a dog but are afraid your cat doesn’t like it? You have a cat and a dog but they always fight? Although many cats and dogs don’t get along right away. There are several ways to help the two cute animals adjust to living side by side. By not doing it in a hurry and understanding the needs of your two pets. A happy and peaceful home with dogs and cats will be created. Here how to introduce a kitten to dogs.

 1. Practice The Basic Commands Before Bringing The Cat Home

If you already have a dog and plan to bring a new cat home, start working harder to teach dog obedience to basic commands before introducing it to the cat. Although dogs are curious and want to enter the cat’s private room. Cats will need space and time. Train the dog to “sit” and “shut up” so you can prevent the dog from getting upset.

  • If you can, train your dog in a busy room with lots of people and distractions. The aim is to make sure the dog will listen even if he feels excited because there is a new cat.
  • If you are still trying to practice basic commands with the dog, read the information available on the internet.

2. Try Introducing Dogs To Cats Who Are Familiar With Dogs

How to introduce a kitten to dogs there are several tricks. If the dog’s first meeting with the cat is when you bring the new pet home. He will most likely feel excited, making the cat stressed. Ask your friends who have dogs and cats if you can bring your dog into a controlled environment. So he can meet and familiarize yourself with cats that are not afraid of dogs first

3. Tie Your Dog

You have to curb your dog when you bring a new cat home, as well as at other times that makes these two animals meet through the process of introduction. Even though the meeting is held indoors, you can curb the dog to make you able to control the situation. This will keep the dog away from the cat when commands and diversions fail. 

4. Make An Isolated Cat In One Room

You will most likely have to separate the two animals for a while until the dog and cat show that they can work together. If the cat becomes a newcomer, don’t burden him with the presence of a large new dog and house. After you bring a cat home, bring the cage into a room with a sleeping mat, food, water, toys, and a sandbox. Leave it alone and make sure your dog cannot enter this room. Depending on how quickly the cat can get used to its new environment, you should leave it in the room for several days before introducing it to your dog.

5. Give Diversion For Dogs

When you are finally able to bring these two animals together in the same room, you have to keep the dog busy enough to let the cat roam and approach it on its own. Consider distracting the dog with his favorite toy, especially if the toy can be filled with his favorite snack so he can try to get it instead of bothering the cat.

  • You can also ask the dog to run before the meeting. This way, he can use up his energy and will be calmer when he is around the cat

6. Make Sure Your Cat Has A Smooth Escape Route

Don’t let the dog get in the way of the room. Let the cat have an escape route if he feels nervous. Feeling cooped up with the dog will only increase his anxiety when meeting the dog. If he has to run away, letting him run will help expedite the meeting process.

When your cat is exploring the whole house, keep a cat tower or perch in one of the most commonly visited rooms. This will provide a high place for the cat to stay away from the dog when he needs to rest.

H​ow to introduce a kitten to dogs requires effort that is not easy. Both animals to each other when they are still small. Animals that are still small will more easily adapt to the presence of other animals. However, the puppy does not know its strength and is very fond of playing, so that he can