July 6, 2020

5 Best School Uniform Designs in The World

Each school in various countries has a characteristic of their school uniforms. There are school uniforms that use muted colors. There are also school uniforms that are uniquely designed and funny. And there are fashionable uniforms. The following are the best school uniform designs in the world.

1. France

Notre Dame International High School is a private school of international networking. The American High School accepts an American and French-based curriculum which in turn graduates will be appointed to Diploma Schools in America. This prestigious bilingual school located in Paris makes its best school uniform designs in the world as a place to channel fashion sense.

2. South Korea

One of the best school uniform designs in the world is South Korea’s. It’s an interesting culture to watch. This is because their school uniform models are stylish and different for each school. Almost all middle and high school students there wear uniforms called Gyobok.

They were freed about the choice of shoes and socks. As for elementary school students owned by the government, they do not have uniforms, except for a few private schools.

3. Japan

Japan is famous for its sailor uniform. This uniform is sometimes worn as casual wear, even for those who have graduated from high school. Japanese school uniforms, complete with black blazers with short skirts that look cute, with socks worn almost knee-length. A stylish design, neat cut, and accessories make the appearance of school children always look fashionable.

4. Taiwan

The uniforms for each school have different rules, and so do Taiwan. Taiwan has a policy that is unique and different from other countries regarding school uniforms. Taiwan alone frees high school students to determine their uniforms.

This makes several schools free students and students to wear clothes according to their wishes. Special uniforms they only use at certain times. Like the first day of school, school graduation and school birthdays and on certain occasions. What is clear is students must use a skirt for female students and trousers for male students.

5. Thailand

Thailand has a school uniform that looks pretty good, a simple color selection, a complement to the cuteness of students attending school in the land of the white elephant. School uniforms in this country use colors that have been determined by the Thai government, namely black and white. Generally, school uniforms are for creating uniformity among students.

It is also to train order and discipline, but the changing times that make the function of school uniforms change into a lifestyle. Although many schools try to enforce rules such as the length of the skirt, tight uniforms, and others, the association and what these teenagers see becomes a cool thing and becomes a trigger to modify their school uniforms. The length of the skirt is only above the knee, but there is also a long model and there are tears up to the knee

The word uniform is indeed familiar to children who are still in school. Of course! Because almost every day they use uniforms for learning activities at school. But school uniforms are also a distinctive one for schools whether the school symbol, color, or style of the school uniform. It also makes them as the best school uniform designs in the world.